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Now's Breakfast with Ben

Weekdays from 6am

Start your workday with the hottest hits, news, weather, prizes and...Ben

At 7.11 and 8.11 we give away cold hard CASH with NOW's Trash For Cash thanks to Harvey Norman.

Between 6.30 and 7 it's all about what you want to hear and from 7 onwards we'll check out what's trending locally and online and more!

Get through the afternoon with Greg and Now FM. From 2 we do it in doubles with your Twin Spins. School's out from 3 but your still in detention with NOW's 6 Shot of Rock, then from 4 we see what's hot with your Half Hour of Hit Music. At 5 we do 5 driving songs to get you home along your drive thru request and heaps more!

Now's Arvo Show with Greg "The Hat"

Weekdays from 2pm

Weekdays from 9am If you’ve got the best music, the day seems to go quicker, that’s why we give you maximum music across your workday. From 9 we start things by going Old School, at 10 it's all about non-stop hits with your morning shuffle. Then from 12 we put our preferences aside and let you choose the music over lunch with the Wall thanks to KFC!

Now's Workday

Kyle & Jackie O

Weeknights from 6pm

Now FM is home of the Kyle & Jackie O show!

Catch Kyle & Jackie O chatting to the hottest stars and stay up-to-date with Jackie's O News.

Weeknights from 7pmWe countdown the 8 hottest songs of the day, as voted by you! From 7pm vote for your song - call 13 10 09 and be listening from 8pm when the countdown begins to hear if your song made the list.

Super Hot 8 @ 8

Weeknights from 9pmGot someone special in your life? Want to tell them how much you love them? Make your Love Song Dedication - call 13 10 09

Love Song Dedications